Our Services

What we do


Cost reduction and results optimization

With our deep technical knowledge, experience and B.P.M. techniques, we identify, plan and design custom solutions, as well as technology assessment and failure preventions. This can be done for a specific project or daily.


Custom enterprise cloud softwares

With a detailed requirement survey, we are able to develop custom softwares for various types of businesses and/or adapt our ready-to-go solutions to custom needs.
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Outsourcing and full support

Diverse and skilled H.R. to deploy our solutions for your business - account managers / analysts / P.M. for in-house support and offshore team for development and user support.Click here and discover the benefits.

Our process

How we work


Analyze and identify process gaps


Develop real solutions that optimizes time, resources and costs


Maintain continuous services to keep you ahead

Our approach

How we deliver service


Scenario Example 1

Initial Contact

Discuss and understand requirements / problems / customization needs

New Project / Solution

Elaborate new project/solution plan through consulting

New Project / Solution

After presentation, we can implement it, provide a development team for you to manage or opt to use your own team


Scenario Example 2

Initial Contact

Discuss and understand requirements / problems / customization needs


One of our ready-to-go-solutions or continue from scenario 1

Continuous Services

We provide dedicated or shared developers for continuous improvements


Scenario Example 3

Initial Contact

Discuss and understand requirements / problems / customization needs

Human Resource

Provide in-house or offshore development team for you to manage


We monitor the team's performance to make sure you are happy

Our technology & procedures

What we use/adopt

Open source

License free codes, products and solutions

Zend Framework

World's leading open source enterprise object-oriented framework


Organization architecture for codes

Business Process Management

(BPM) What our services is based on

Agile / Scrum / Lean

Management environment

International Quality

CMMI, Mps.Br and W3C standards

Our benefits

Why we are chosen

Lower Cost

2 factors we provide lower cost solutions:
- Open source is license free
- Offshore development team

Faster Deployment

2 factors we deliver solutions faster:
- Agile / Scrum / Lean environment
- Open source are widely shared = easier to find solutions


2 factors we have provide better quality:
- International quality control standards
- Strict human resource selection process


2 factors we provide better support:
- We are never too busy for support (# of clientsXsupport ratio)
- Speak with who will solve your problem quickly

Collaboration Network

Free access to other custom solutions:
- Receive non exclusive solutions demanded by other customers
- Enjoy daily updates and ask for improvements

Better results

Our services focus on:
- Saving you money and time
- Providing best Return On Investment


We don't limit number of users:
- Activate as many as you want
- Activate when you want


Configure the way you want:
- Pay for only what you use
- Pay according to your demand

Partner you keep

We are who you can count on as we:
- Make your work easier
- Make time for you to focus on other things

Our stats

Few numbers we accomplished and provided to clients

In Business since 2006
+ Years of BPM & Cloud Experience
+ Different soft-
wares delivered
+ Million $ Managed
% Revenue Growth
% Productivity Increase
% Year Cumula-
tive Growth
% H.R. Reduction

Our Solutions

What we offer

Custom Softwares

Develop your own custom cloud software or mobile application
(white label / branding option)

SOL System

Customizable modular ERP for Retail, Services and Industrial Management

SOL E-commerce

Integrate it with SOL or any other software (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B)

Roi Auction

Full end-to-end auction control software - Brazil's top solution


Let us evaluate what to we can improve in your business

Roi Doc

Processes and documents scanning and control software

Roi RFID Midware

Track/control goods, assets, vehicles and documents by radio frequency

Roi Mobile

Integrate it with SOL, any other software or develop your own app

Our Deployment

How we make solutions available for use

SaaS - Software
as a Service

Our solutions are 100% web and are accessed through unique login. We create offline apps if necessary.

How to
hire / order

Order now a solution of interest! We will contact you to review & adjust your order and agree a final price.


Each solution has a deployment term before you can use. Billing will only occur after we deploy.


Test some solutions for free! No billing information needed (only if services are continued after test period).

Our Portfolio

Some who we have helped


One of the largest auctions houses in Brazil

Brazil Auctions

One of the major auctions houses in the midwest

Coliseum Auctions

One of the major auctions houses in the northeast

North Auctions

One of the major auctions houses in the north

Soares Brothers

Midwest's largest construction products retailer

Fascination Flowers

Federal District online flower shop leader for over 15 years



CCA Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles dealers in the midwest



Digital World

Xerox Authorized Representative in the Midwest

Champion Team Tennis

Prestigious Tennis Academy in Melbourne, Australia

DM Newspaper

Second largest newspaper in the state of Goias

Who benefits from our solutions

Indirect companies served

Industries Served

Where we explored so far



Bars & Restaurants

Logistics & Transportation

Inventory & Supply Chain

Apparel & Accessories

Vehicle Inspection


Journalism & News



What clients are saying about us

Soon we will post his feedback!

Moacir Fernandes

Fascination Flowers CEO

Soon we will post his feedback!

Antônio Brasil II

Brasil Auction CEO

Soon we will post his feedback!

José Alberto Venceslau

Coliseum Auction CEO

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We will be glad to hear from you


In finding out what we can improve in your business? In any of our ready-to-go solutions? In discussing development of an idea, project or necessity? Send us a message and we will return as soon as possible!

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Send your resume to contact@roisoft.com with desired position, area of expertise and professional objective.

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  • Business Hours: 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 2pm
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